Saturday, July 18, 2015

11 Months of Baby Bliss

Well, it certainly has been awhile, hasn't it? In fact, today is Ev's 11 month birthday. In one short month, she will be one year old and I am not even sure where the time went. Most of it was a hustle and bustle of activity. Between finishing school, working full time and having a newborn, I was in constant motion. Now, having graduated, I am finally starting to get my feet beneath me again and feel like a real person. I'm still busy, but I have so much more time to relax and do things that I love to do.

Evelyn is our pride and joy. Much like most parents on the planet, we think that everything she does is simply amazing. Most recently (in the past few days), she has been learning how to walk. She can take a series of steps but is still learning how to keep her balance and walk in a straight line. As each new milestone passes, she becomes a little more independent. It is incredible to watch.

Our family has had an incredible opportunity to travel this year. We visited Northern California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and rural Arizona. Traveling with a baby can be hard but I think that it really has helped her to learn how to adapt to various situations (and me too). I think that it really helped to prepare her for big transitions like sleeping in a crib in her own room alone. And, we have beautiful pictures and memories to hold onto for the rest of our lives.

January 2015 - San Francisco, CA

May 2015 - Minneapolis, MN

May 2015 - St. David, AZ

 June 2015 - Milwaukee, WI

June 2015 - Chicago, IL

Needless to say, it has been a busy but wonderful year for our family. As we head off onto our next adventure in a few weeks, I look forward to sharing a little more often on our blog but acknowledge that I'd rather spend my time with Evelyn than writing about her. So, I may not be able to write as much as I used to (only during nap time).


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