Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tomorrow: 39 Weeks + Missed Wedding

Wow! I cannot believe how fast time has been flying by. Tomorrow, Evelyn will be 39 weeks along and all signs are pointing to her going the full 40. It blows my mind that within the next 3 weeks, our daughter will be born. 

I continue to feel thankful that I feel well. I don't feel well every moment of every day, but I do feel well most of the time. 

One huge improvement in my comfort level is from our new duct work and insulation. We worked with a wonderful company called Magic Touch. They did such a nice job and we continue to be surprised by just how much energy we are saving now as our house cools more evenly in all areas. This has been a big deal for our bedroom, which was uncomfortably hot. To make matters even better, we bought a fan for Miss Evelyn to ensure that there is air circulation and I have been using that for the past few nights. I am sleeping so much better. Why didn't we do that sooner? 

Although I am excited to meet her, I am in no big rush. I am enjoying this time and finishing up preparations for her arrival. She'll be here soon enough. 

One downside to being pregnant is that at the end, one can't travel. This weekend, we missed my brother-in-law marrying his new wife in California. It is hard to not attend such an important occasion. Thankfully, there were lots of pictures to look through and social media does allow one to feel as if they can participate in a small way from afar. But, it is not really the same.

All in all, life is good and we continue to walk forward toward the unknown. Will she be feisty? Will she love to sleep? Will she cry continuously? I don't know. But, I think that I will be ready to find out when she finally decides to come out and meet the world.

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