Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter From The Oehlers!

Getting pregnant was not an easy task. Truth be told, we started trying to have a baby when we got married. We will be celebrating our third anniversary later this year. It was two very long years of being asked when we'd have a baby. It was two very long years of watching holidays pass by, like Easter, waiting and wondering.

Now, as another Easter holiday descends upon us and knowing that Evelyn is on her way, I find my holiday joy amplified. I don't feel the dull ache for a baby in the pit of my stomach or lingering in the back of my mind. I'm excited - not just for Easter but for all of the upcoming holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas too! There are very few holidays left between now and Evelyn's arrival. Once she arrives, I anticipate both Joshua and I having fun making each new holiday unique and special for our baby girl.

If you are out there and you are struggling to have a baby, please know that you are not alone. I wish that I could advise you that your time will come too. But, without a crystal ball, I simply cannot do that. I can tell you that we were successful with a lot of patience, love and the help of a very good doctor in Scottsdale (Doctor Ketan Patel). Most people don't talk about infertility because it can be embarrassing, painful and scary. But over the past few years, as I have opened up about my fertility issues to others, I have found that many, many, many people have had issues too.

So, on this particular Easter holiday, I feel grateful for my immediate family - Joshua, Eve and Halo. I also feel grateful for my closest friends, mom and Josh's parents for offering us love and support, both in the good and the bad times. I wish each of you a very Happy Easter!

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