Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Training Game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium

We had the pleasure of watching the Oakland A's beat the Chicago Cubs today, 12-6. Joshua grew up in the bay area and has been following the A's since he was 5 years old. It is always a treat that we can see them at a Spring Training game. For $15, you can actually sit quite close to the game. Spring Training games have an entirely different feel than going to a normal game downtown and I feel rather fortunate that so many of the teams choose Phoenix as their Spring Training home.

Best of all, we shared this year's game with some of Joshua's family: his parents, aunt and several cousins. It was a beautiful, sunshine-y day here in Phoenix.

Snow In Phoenix

No, no, no....this didn't happen today, but it did happen and I would feel like our blog was not complete without posting about it (even if it is weeks later).

Snow in Phoenix! This was our yard in February!

I have lived in Phoenix full time since 1997 (about half of my life) and never seen this happen before. It was very surreal. Halo loved it! Then, he snuggled up to get warm.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food, Art and Fun

We are living it up before school really kicks in for me and I am stuck doing nothing but working and studying. I started two classes in January and I start two more classes next week. There is an overlap of about 6 weeks for all 4 classes, which is going to be really tough!


We had a birthday to celebrate this week. My mother-in-law is a leap year baby. We had a lovely family lunch and then the most amazing gelato from a little shop called Frost in San Tan Village. Yum!

Joshua had his first Phoenix First Friday. My longtime friend, Kristen Fagan, had her first painting hung at Oasis on Grand. So we headed downtown to support her and then wandered around in the galleries that are often missed and forgotten on Grand Avenue. I have to say, "Mutant Pinatas" won our hearts. Sometimes a little creative chaos is good.

Yesterday afternoon, we took Halo to a pet adopt-a-thon at Franciscan Renewal Center. Joshua was curious to see if Halo was interested in other dogs and if so, which dogs. After an hour of wandering, I think that we realized that Halo likes other dogs, but he likes having all of our attention more. He kept trying to get between us and the other dogs when we were petting them, almost saying, "Hey, pet me, not them!" As much as I'd like to add another dog to our family, I think that we are just going to be a one-dog family long term.


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