Friday, August 3, 2012

A Memory

Do you ever have those moments when a smell or a sound brings you back to times past? Last weekend, a combination of things brought back one of my fondest memories of my dad, who would have celebrated his birthday today. Last weekend, I had a good deal of downtime by the pool. I found myself remembering a summer birthday celebration from the year that I turned 13. Being that my birthday is in May, and I usually only spent summers with my dad, I don't remember any actual birthdays with him. During the summer of 1992, he threw me a birthday party. I know it was 1992 because I remember watching the Olympics that day. It was late in the summer and definitely monsoon season.  Now, looking back, I wonder if it was actually HIS birthday?

I remember feeling so special. We had friends and family over. He and his friends barbecued this big, huge meal. Then after the sun went down, we carried a watermelon out to the swimming pool. I accidentally dropped the melon and thought for sure that I'd get in trouble. But, instead a watermelon fight broke out and everyone was happy and laughing. Childhood memories are often fuzzy, but it struck me so deeply when I realized that we were probably celebrating his birthday, but he made me feel like it was all for me. I had no idea, and I wish that I could thank him for a memory that I will always cherish.

The finality of death is so hard.

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