Sunday, July 1, 2012

Never again.

For some blog posts there just is no picture to really do the story justice. Or in fact, the gruesome picture was never taken because it was just TOO gruesome to share. This is one of those cases so I decided to pick a favorite picture and run with it. I made the mistake of trying to trim Halo's nails myself. I should have known better. I have had absolutely no training. I knew that I should be careful. I had at least put that much thought into it. I knew that if I trimmed too deeply that I might hurt him. The first two nails were fine. On the third, he moved...I clipped...and the next thing I knew I had a blood bath on my hands. I've never seen anyone, man or dog, bleed quite that much. Granted, I don't have any children and have a feeling that many mothers out there have seen worse. However, for me, this was BAD. The next thing I knew I was laying the middle of the kitchen holding his paw down and trying homemade recipes concocted by my husband from frantic internet searches such as baking soda paste. I stopped and wondered, "How did I get here?" Eventually the blood started to slow down to a trickle, but we just could not get it to fully stop. So finally, Joshua saved the day by running to the drug store and picking up a styptic pencil. It worked like a charm. In fact, I found myself wishing that this had just been our first approach so that we could have saved poor Halo the agony of  being forced to lay still for so long. Apparently this miracle cure works on razor cuts too. Thankfully, Halo found it in his heart to forgive me immediately. I thought for sure that he's avoid me for life. Poor guy! I promise that I will never again try to trim his nails myself. I will officially leave it up to the professionals.

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  1. Awwww, I've been there and done that! I now have my groomer on my BFF list as she does both of my furbabies! My older dog was a rescue... so when she even sees me with a "tool" of any sort... she gets her undies in a bundle. However, when she's at the groomer, she lets Jenny do whatever she wants. She just lays there giving one paw at a time for trimming and nail clipping. Rolling over to have her belly shaved... oh the joys of dog children!

    Just know, dogs know nothing but love. So no matter what we do, they still love us no matter what! Hugs for your furmama ego! ♥



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