Monday, July 23, 2012

Make Room For The Dishwasher!

Imagine my glee when I came home to find Joshua working on demolition to make room for our new dishwasher on Sunday. Oh thank goodness! Finally! Yes! I cannot remember ever living without a dishwasher until we bought our home almost 2 years ago. Even as a kid, we had a dishwasher. Obviously, I'm capable of washing dishes by hand. I've done it for awhile now. However, my life will be so much better when I can just rinse the dishes and plop them into a dishwasher. SO much better!

So, this is where the project is right now. We'll have to hire an electrician for the wiring. Joshua is also installing a garbage disposal at the same time, but he hopes to do the plumbing himself. So it is still going to be awhile, but I am so excited the forward momentum has begun. Soon, our kitchen will be taking a big step toward the modern age. I could not be happier!


  1. Too funny! I have a dishwasher, but prefer to wash by hand because it uses less water (which we pay for in the city) and less electricity.

    Even funnier... my little brother closed on his first house on Friday. So all weekend we were up cleaning, painting and repairing with him. There were no appliances with the house, so there's a hole for the washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator and where the dishwasher used to be. Being the bachelor he is, his thought is to put a "kegerator" in that spot... or just put a cabinet door on it and store the trash can out of sight.

    Hope your wooshy wooshy dreams come true soon!

  2. Oh my! I hope that his sip sip sip dreams come true too. I miss a dishwasher so much. I'm sure that it does use more water. I'm not frugal if it means that I can get some of my extra time back. Especially between school, work and more work...I need extra time wherever I can get it. :)



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