Sunday, July 15, 2012


The drive to Deadwood was gorgeous. We wound our way out of North Dakota on small farm roads and imagined what it might have been like to take the stagecoach from Bismarck to Deadwood. 

Just across the South Dakota border, I felt like I stepped back into the 1980's when we were instructed to pump our gas and THEN pay. Really?

Bear Butte offered a feast for the eyes as the sun was setting. If we go back, I think I'd like to stay near there for a night.

We have been watching old episodes from the HBO program about Deadwood and so we both were anxious to see it in person. We pulled into town after dark and decided that we might as well take a walk around town since we'd been in the car all day. We stayed the night at the historic Bullock Hotel. Our room was really cute. I was in love with the old door knobs and key holes. 

After a solid breakfast at Bully's we were up and at it again the next day. I think that both Joshua and I agree that we were a little disappointed by Deadwood. It is sort of a mini Reno or Atlantic City, which is just totally not our style. Although the town could not be located in a more scenic setting and we did enjoy our time there, it was not quite what we had hoped it would be. Historic facts and places were often askew or missing entirely. It was hard to know what you could or could not believe. Maybe this feeling is true to the Deadwood vibe of the 1800's - lawlessness, swindlers and thieves. Either way, it was fun but not fun enough to be the highlight of our trip.


Wild Bill Hicock's grave

Overlooking Deadwood from the cemetery after walking up a really giant hill!

Seth Bullock's grave

After Deadwood we headed for Mt. Rushmore, driving through the Black Hills. It was another beautiful drive. More on that tomorrow!

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