Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

Father's day is hard when your dad has passed away. Truth be told, my dad and I were never close enough that I even remember spending a Father's day with him. But still, somehow, it feels different. I found the Polaroid picture above when I was sifting through and scanning my maternal grandmother's pictures in Montana last month. It was an unexpected find. Polaroid pictures are sort of magical. There is only one like it. And, I hadn't seen this picture in years. I had forgotten that it even existed. Today, I opened my picture files to grab some information for an upcoming family reunion on my maternal side and there it was again. I guess that it was a timely reminder that he existed, and more importantly, loved me. I hope, wherever he happens to be, that he has a really great Father's day and knows that I am thinking of him.

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