Friday, February 10, 2012

Halo's First Visit to the Dog Park

I think that one of the most nerve wracking experiences with a new dog is to see how they react to different situations. I was very nervous to take Halo to the dog park for the first time. All sorts of questions ran through my head. Will he get along? Will he be aggressive? Will he remember that I'm his person? There was no reason to worry! He did so well. I kept him on the leash at first to see how he would react. When I felt more comfortable, I dropped the leash and let him run with it on so that I could easily catch him if something went wrong. Finally, I took the leash off entirely and relaxed. He was so happy! He behaved himself so well! He ran. He played. And when he was tired he came and lied down by me. And, he remembered that I was his person.  In the photo above he was playing with Winnie a chow mix who is about his same age and is also a rescue.

In choosing Halo, we really wanted a dog that could get along with everyone - people and dogs. It makes it so much easier for pet-sitting and traveling if the dog is easy going. So good! He is definitely a puppy. He definitely needs rules, discipline and lots of exercise. Luckily, he is so eager to please us to get our affection, which makes him very trainable. Yay Halo!

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