Monday, February 27, 2012

Halo's First Road Trip

Halo got to visit Josh's parents' home in Cochise County, AZ last weekend. I think that he fell in love. We had to be very careful about letting him off the leash. He is still working on coming to us when we call. In fact, he is still working on learning his own name. But, we did test it out and he seemed to do fine. Of course, we didn't see a big jack rabbit pass by. That may have sent him right into a tizzy. The best he could do was corning some sort of small animal under a bush (as show above). He obsessed over that for a good 20 minutes.

Thankfully, he was really good and really patient in the car. He likes to sit in a seat just like a person and watch the scenery pass him by. He also did alright in the hotel room. He wanted to get up a little earlier than we did, but we managed to work it out. Although we had a bed for him with us. He curled up in the arm chair by the door and slept through the whole night.

All in all, he is a keeper. We continue to work hard on his manners, but he has already shown so much promise. I love him.

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