Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday Jeanne!

 Joshua with his Mom last weekend.

Josh's Mom's birthday is today, February 29th. Fortunately and unfortunately, that means that she only has a real birthday every four years. Fortunately because it makes her real birthdays (like this year) very important and special. Unfortunately, because it never quite feels like a real birthday except for every fourth year. Can you imagine that?

Today is her 15th real birthday. I am writing this post early, since I will be busy all day traveling to and from Tucson, in addition to celebrating this big event. But, by the time you read this, we will have surprised her with an extra special birthday lunch, cake, ice cream and presents. Surprises are always so nice.

Happy birthday, Jeanne!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Halo's First Road Trip

Halo got to visit Josh's parents' home in Cochise County, AZ last weekend. I think that he fell in love. We had to be very careful about letting him off the leash. He is still working on coming to us when we call. In fact, he is still working on learning his own name. But, we did test it out and he seemed to do fine. Of course, we didn't see a big jack rabbit pass by. That may have sent him right into a tizzy. The best he could do was corning some sort of small animal under a bush (as show above). He obsessed over that for a good 20 minutes.

Thankfully, he was really good and really patient in the car. He likes to sit in a seat just like a person and watch the scenery pass him by. He also did alright in the hotel room. He wanted to get up a little earlier than we did, but we managed to work it out. Although we had a bed for him with us. He curled up in the arm chair by the door and slept through the whole night.

All in all, he is a keeper. We continue to work hard on his manners, but he has already shown so much promise. I love him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine!

Joshua and I just hit our 3 month wedding anniversary and 5 years since our first date. It is still fun to call him "my husband". I am such a lucky woman. I married a man who is kind, generous, smart, handsome, and funny. He is the complete package. Best of all, he brings out some of my best qualities too. We are building such a neat and special life together. So on this Valentine's Day, I just want to shout from the roof tops how grateful I am for having found my lifelong Valentine.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bobblehead Halo

Poor guy! I am so glad that he isn't vain. We decided to shave him for a number of reasons but most importantly because both Joshua and I were starting to get pretty itchy and sneezy from this fuzz ball. We often shaved Honey for the same reason. Fortunately for her, her hair wasn't quite so long so it looked quite a bit more natural even when it was at its shortest. I keep telling Halo to remember that it will grow back. Frankly, he could care less. In fact, I think he kind of enjoyed it. The groomer was quite pleased by his good behavior. And Halo was quite pleased with his new collar, leash, bone and toys.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 100 Arizona!

After a grueling day of Spanish homework, Josh and I headed down to the Arizona Best Fest yesterday. There was a whole little carnival down by the Arizona Capital building. I was pleasantly surprised by the hoopla.

There was a stage on the front steps The Arizona Capital building offering live music surrounded by wine tasting, beer tasting, fried foods, rides, games, tents full of details about Arizona sports and history. There were even some lovely fireworks to cap the night off.

Honestly, Joshua and I probably could have gone home happy from just having one of these giant old-fashion root beer floats. Yum!

Did you know that Joshua is related to the Cracker Jack boy? Yep, it is true. The boy pictured on the Cracker Jack box was Josh's Grandma's Cousin. We had a nice chuckle to see his distant relative featured in the Arizona History Tent.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Halo Meets The Fagan Family

We enjoyed a nice visit with The Fagans today. It was my first time seeing Halo interact with children and again he passed with flying colors. He still needs a little work on being calm when things get a little wild and he hasn't quite realized that if someone is holding a toy he should be careful to not bite their hand along with the toy. Otherwise, the boys just wore him right out. They really enjoyed playing fetch and trying to get him to "sit" on command.

They picked so much fruit that Kristen's youngest could barely carry the bag. It was pretty cute. Kids love picking fruit!
Speaking of fruit picking, we still have plenty of oranges and grapefruit. If you life in Phoenix, feel free to give us a call to stop by and pick some fruit for your family too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Halo's First Visit to the Dog Park

I think that one of the most nerve wracking experiences with a new dog is to see how they react to different situations. I was very nervous to take Halo to the dog park for the first time. All sorts of questions ran through my head. Will he get along? Will he be aggressive? Will he remember that I'm his person? There was no reason to worry! He did so well. I kept him on the leash at first to see how he would react. When I felt more comfortable, I dropped the leash and let him run with it on so that I could easily catch him if something went wrong. Finally, I took the leash off entirely and relaxed. He was so happy! He behaved himself so well! He ran. He played. And when he was tired he came and lied down by me. And, he remembered that I was his person.  In the photo above he was playing with Winnie a chow mix who is about his same age and is also a rescue.

In choosing Halo, we really wanted a dog that could get along with everyone - people and dogs. It makes it so much easier for pet-sitting and traveling if the dog is easy going. So good! He is definitely a puppy. He definitely needs rules, discipline and lots of exercise. Luckily, he is so eager to please us to get our affection, which makes him very trainable. Yay Halo!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet Halo

We adopted a puppy today. He was formerly known as "Freeway", but I renamed him after the animal shelter where we found him - Halo. He is about 8 months old with the sweetest demeanor. He broke his front, right leg as a puppy. It never quite healed, so he favors that leg. He looks a lot like a male version of Honey. I struggled with whether we should get a dog that was similar to her or whether to try to get something completely different. In the end, I decided to not try to put rules on what could or could not be. When I saw Halo's picture on the adoption sight, I just knew that we had to meet him. So far, so good. He's been home for a few hours and thoroughly enjoyed a run around the yard. He is such a sweet and loving boy. I know that he will be a great family member for us.


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