Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Honey Bunny Bear

I've been sifting through photos to create a photo book with pictures of Honey. I think it has been therapeutic to remember all of the good times instead of the end. She was such a character. She had a very subtle personality. I really think that she blossomed under our care. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite Honey moments.

Staring contest.
A cat used to always walk along the fence on our back patio. Since Honey was not always the quickest, I would cue her that the cat was there by "Meoooooowing" at her. She would jump up and run to the back door to watch with interest as the cat meandered by. It was a highlight in her day.

 Enjoying the view.
We took many hikes together. One of our favorite places was the Nature Trail at Piestewa Peak. I think I might need to go there today. She loved exploring and loved to roam off leash. But, she'd never lose sight of me. 
She did not like bathing. At Wag 'N Wash, they offer a drying area where you can suck the water off of the dog's coat. Oh boy, that was the worst. It was like we were vacuuming her, which vacuuming might have easily been her second least favorite thing. However, she was always so good, even when she didn't like something. She'd grin and bear it.

She had such a special relationship with Josh. She would cuddle with him in ways that she would never ever cuddle with me. He was definitely her favorite petter.

Fall leaves.
She adored children. She liked all people, but she really liked kids. In this picture she was enjoying a visit from The Fagan Family.

The ranch.
Josh's parents ranch provided Honey with many days of entertainment. She jumped right in and joined their pack of dogs. In this picture, she and Kody were joining me for a brisk Winter walk. I think that this was the first day that she saw snow.

Wind in her fur.
Joshua and I loved to look at her when she had her head out the window. It was pure joy. She was always so happy to go somewhere. Then, she was always so happy to get home. Really, she just enjoyed being with us as much as she possibly could. Maybe it was her that never took a moment for granted.

This is not your typical engagement photo, but I wouldn't change a thing about it. Honey was there for some very important moments in my life. This was one of them.

Although Joshua wouldn't let me make Honey a part of our wedding party, I thought she's make a great flower girl or ring bearer, we both knew that it was a priority that she be there. She sat in the front row and watched us marry. She certainly got her fair share of sweets that day and enjoyed being a part of the festivities. 

Lazy Sunday.
The best times with Honey were right here at home. She was always near me. She followed me from room to room to room. She kept watch over me like a little guardian angel. As years rolled by, she became more and more comfortable in her own skin. She blossomed.

She loved her new backyard and all of the grass. We spent hours working out in the yard together. I remember on this particular day, I decided where Josh and I would get married. I brought my camera outside to take photos of the side yard from different angles to see how it might look. She was patiently waiting and watching over me.

 She never liked getting wet. Joshua persuaded her out into the storm for a treat. I can almost picture her eyes squinting as she stood out there in the rain.

Mt. Graham
This is one of my favorites. She is laying by a creek on Mt. Graham. She was so happy and content...such a good dog.

I think that this was the last picture of Honey and I together. We were taking a walk at the ranch before Thanksgiving dinner. I was freshly married. We were happy and living in the moment.


  1. Sara, this is such a beautiful tribute! Honey sounds so special. Just know, her spirit is still will you. I have "felt" Cody with me on many occasions since he passed. I talk to him, and I know he's here because the other two dogs react. So keep talking to her (I know some people think it's crazy) but she's with you and if you're open to it, she'll let you know she's there.


  2. What a lovely tribute Sara. I know how hard it must have been for you to put this together ~ thank you for sharing Honey with all of us. ♥

  3. It was hard, but it also felt really good. I have such a terrible memory. It made me feel like I have some very important moments documented so that she never gets forgotten.



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