Friday, January 27, 2012

Dog Therapy

I think that Erin was a little shocked when I asked her to bring Cash over shortly after Honey passed away. I knew that it would be hard to see him, but I also knew that I often turned to Honey for comfort during difficult times and that Cash would eagerly fill in for her as best as he could. During their visit, Josh wondered if Cash might come spend time with me while I work during the day. Erin lives just around the corner from us. Cash is usually alone all day too. I have been really struggling during the day when I'm home all alone. I relied on Honey's companionship even more than I knew. We tried it today. It still was not a perfect day, but it was easily the best day I've had since she left us. I'm so thankful to have such good friends. Thanks Erin and Cash-y!

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. 
-Lord Alfred Tennyson

I know that some people would never want to feel this terrible pain again. I can't say that I'd blame them. However, I personally feel that the years of joy and happiness far outweigh the recent pain of loss. I would do it again in a heart beat! I would give anything to rewind the clock and spend time with Honey, even knowing that I would have to go through the pain all over again.

So, we've been thinking about a new pet or even pets. We have a huge grassy yard and a lot of love to give, so I think that we will probably add new family members sooner rather than later. No one will ever replace Honey, but I have a big enough heart that it can fit lots and lots of pets and people. I am starting to feel a twinge of excitement when thinking about the possibility of opening my heart to a new animal. I am not pretending like this is what Honey would want. It isn't. She always loved having us all to herself. She thrived as an only dog and would probably selfishly wish to always be our only dog. But, I do think that she would understand that I have too much love to give to not open my heart and home to a new friend. I don't think that she'd want me to be lonely.


  1. When I lost my heart and soul dog a few years ago, I knew she wouldn't want any other pet in her house, and especially not around me. BUT, when I realized she would not want me hurting like I was without her, she would know no other furry one could take her place, but that she knew I needed someone else to love and she wouldn't mind that...I got a new to me dog about three weeks later and have not regretted one moment. THere will never be another Honey, but there is someone else just waiting for you! Maybe even two or three just waiting for your love!

  2. I can't decide which is crazier, how much it hurts or that I'm ready to do it all over again. Either way, I am looking forward to finding new family members. There is really nothing worse than an empty house when there is plenty of space to share.



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