Friday, December 30, 2011

Want fruit?

There are ripe oranges and grapefruit on our trees just waiting for a happy home. Stop on by and pick a pile of fruit! Yum!

I love having fresh veggies and herbs right outside in our garden. I would like to branch out a little next year and try growing tomatoes, carrots, spinach etc. 

Joshua watered a portion of our garden today during his lunch break today. When I walked out onto the patio a little later, I saw that he left a trail of rose petals on the patio. He probably didn't do it intentionally. (Note - I found out later that this was completely intentional and all together sweet. He left them for me to find!) He  always picks rose petals and drops them. But, it sort of took my breath away because they were sprinkled so beautifully. It isn't everyday that you walk out to find a blanket of rose petals. I couldn't help but stop and recognize how happy I am these days! I love our life. I love our home and our lovely backyard. And most of all, I love my husband. 

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