Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wedding Morning - David and Jessica Rosenfeld

My Mom and I stayed the night at Hotel Valley Ho the night before the wedding. So, it was convenient to grab breakfast with friends at Cafe ZuZu in the morning. Two of my favorite people flew in to Phoenix from San Francisco for the wedding - David and Jessica Rosenfeld. They hitched a ride over to the wedding early with Marietta. I was stowed away in a room so that Josh wouldn't see me before I walked down the aisle, but I heard that Jess and David dived right in without being asked. They are such good friends! Since it had rained the night before, everything had to be wiped down. When I think about them wiping things down in their wedding guest attire...I feel so fortunate. Where some people may not have helped as expected, others unexpectedly helped right when we needed it. Thank you Jess and David. I love you both so much!

We picked up our flowers and even some loose stems from Phoenix Flower Shop on our way to the house. The flowers looked exactly as we had discussed in my consultation. They were beautiful!


  1. The picture of me and your mom was taken just before I burned her with the curling iron. She said, "Ow... you probably shouldn't hold it so close to my scalp. You're burning me." ...in a very calm, gentle voice. haha WHOOPSIE!!

  2. PS. Jessica and David ROCKED!!!!



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