Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Set Up and Rehearsal Dinner

Set up day left a lot to be desired. The tables, chairs, equipment and such were scheduled to arrive before 12pm. They didn't arrive until around 3pm. It was a mad rush to get it all done. Thankfully my cousins had stopped by to help out and they all pitched in to get things done. The other issue was the weather. It was windy, dusty and we knew that rain was on the way. So we had to be extremely mindful of what could be set up and wiped down and what needed to wait until the next morning.

My cousins were happy to test out the cotton candy and pop corn machines, which were a big hit at the wedding!

We had our Rehearsal Dinner at Ajo Als. It was perfect. They fed all 40 of us without a single issue. The food was out and hot when everyone arrived. We had a private patio that could have easily fit more people if needed. My Mom (our hostess) was very pleased with the service. We invited our entire families on both sides to the Rehearsal Dinner. 

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