Sunday, November 6, 2011

Already Two

On Thursday evening my cousin's daughter celebrated her second birthday. I missed the party due to a wedding melt down, but I heard that it was quite lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my piece of Dora the Explorer cake that Virginia sent home with my Mom. This little girl is quite the charmer. She is beautiful just like her Mom. I can't thank Virginia, her mom and her sister Loretta enough for all of there help at our wedding. They cooked for hours to put together an excellent dinner that included homemade tamales, rice, beans, etc. It was delicious. My Mom said that Virginia always seemed to be there every single time my Mom needed a pair of extra hands. Thank you, Virginia!

1 comment:

  1. Well, thank you Sara. We had a wonderful time at your wedding. My waist line is a little mad at you but that will go away, lol. Your mom was also very helpful at the party on thursday. We're all family and thats what we're here for. Love your cousin Virginia.



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