Saturday, October 15, 2011

Flowers for our garden wedding in Phoenix, Arizona.

Today was very exciting. We went plant shopping with Josh's Mom for our little backyard garden. If you don't live in Arizona, this probably seems completely backwards to you. We are finally cooling down enough that it is time to plant. It was an all day affair. Honestly, I was so excited for it that I barely slept last night and at about 6am this morning just gave up and got ready for an impromptu breakfast with my best friend Erin. I did not stop moving from about 9am until almost 8pm. First, we chose the plants. Then, we loaded the plants. Then, we unloaded the plants. Then, we had to till the garden. Then, we had to mix in compost....on and on and on. It was really, really, really fun but I am officially exhausted and ready to crawl into bed quite early this evening. Tomorrow is another full day of working on "our list." The endless list of things to do before the wedding. This was a big one. We finished well after dark. So I am excited to see all of our hardwork in actual daylight tomorrow. Yipee!

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