Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Adopted Koala

Westhaven Barry

So, there are so many reasons why I love Joshua. One of the most important reasons is that he has a huge heart. He certainly did not get his masters degree in social work for the pay.  Last night, I was lazily watched Project Runway. He was busily reading up on how we can help save the koalas. Apparently, they are his favorite animal. How cute is that? How did I not know that already about my husband-to-be? Anyway, before I knew what was happening, he was picking a koala for us to adopt. He didn't pick just any koala. He picked the hunch-backed, cranky koala because he is certain that no one else would ever want to adopt him - Westhaven Barry. Just when you think he can't get any more adorable...he can. I love him. Today, he asked if I would mind writing a blog about the koalas and see if anyone else might like to sponsor one too. These little animals are pretty amazing and it would truly be sad to see them go extinct. If you would like to adopt a koala too, it is pretty easy and not too expensive - only $50 for a year. To learn more, go to

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  1. Thank you sweetheart. Here's the link that inspired it all.



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