Monday, September 12, 2011

In sickness and in health

As most of you know, life has been rather complicated over this last year. We've almost been in our home for exactly a year, but parts of it are still under construction. We're planning our wedding. I wrote a book. We've had 4 deaths in our combined families. I'm back in school. Josh had pneumonia. I could go on..and on...and on...and on...

About a month ago, when we were working on our office walls, Josh realized that he may have a hernia above his belly button. It was inflamed. His self diagnosis turned out to be correct and we scheduled his surgery for today. Most importantly, it is over and he seems to be doing rather well, just sleepy. 

So needless to say, some of our home projects that we had hoped to complete before the wedding may not get done. Josh needs to take it easy for 4-6 weeks, which pretty much lands us right at our wedding date. It's not ideal, but it will be okay. We'll just do our best and see what happens. Only 53 days to go!

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