Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did You RSVP?

It is hard to believe but rsvps are due in 1 week. There are still quite a few out. One of the benefits of having a research associate as a fiance is that he makes nifty spreadsheets. According to the spreadsheet, we only have a 69% response rate. That leaves quite a few rsvps floating around out there.

In other news, I started and evite for those of you who were kind enough to offer to bring treats. I am trying to stick to those of you who are in town. I think that it is hard enough to travel to a wedding. No need to add extra worries. If for some reason you are local and marked to bring something but did not receive an evite, please contact me. I'm pretty certain that I got everyone.

All of a sudden, I feel like Rachel in "Glee". Yes, I really am this geeky.

Finally, I want to say that Josh and I are both feeling very loved and blessed to have so many wonderful people attending our wedding. As the big day approaches, it becomes more and more clear just how fortunate we are. It is such a busy time in our lives, but such a wonderful time too. Sometimes I have to stop and just pinch myself. Only 37 days - 5 weeks to go.

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