Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Adopted Koala

Westhaven Barry

So, there are so many reasons why I love Joshua. One of the most important reasons is that he has a huge heart. He certainly did not get his masters degree in social work for the pay.  Last night, I was lazily watched Project Runway. He was busily reading up on how we can help save the koalas. Apparently, they are his favorite animal. How cute is that? How did I not know that already about my husband-to-be? Anyway, before I knew what was happening, he was picking a koala for us to adopt. He didn't pick just any koala. He picked the hunch-backed, cranky koala because he is certain that no one else would ever want to adopt him - Westhaven Barry. Just when you think he can't get any more adorable...he can. I love him. Today, he asked if I would mind writing a blog about the koalas and see if anyone else might like to sponsor one too. These little animals are pretty amazing and it would truly be sad to see them go extinct. If you would like to adopt a koala too, it is pretty easy and not too expensive - only $50 for a year. To learn more, go to

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did You RSVP?

It is hard to believe but rsvps are due in 1 week. There are still quite a few out. One of the benefits of having a research associate as a fiance is that he makes nifty spreadsheets. According to the spreadsheet, we only have a 69% response rate. That leaves quite a few rsvps floating around out there.

In other news, I started and evite for those of you who were kind enough to offer to bring treats. I am trying to stick to those of you who are in town. I think that it is hard enough to travel to a wedding. No need to add extra worries. If for some reason you are local and marked to bring something but did not receive an evite, please contact me. I'm pretty certain that I got everyone.

All of a sudden, I feel like Rachel in "Glee". Yes, I really am this geeky.

Finally, I want to say that Josh and I are both feeling very loved and blessed to have so many wonderful people attending our wedding. As the big day approaches, it becomes more and more clear just how fortunate we are. It is such a busy time in our lives, but such a wonderful time too. Sometimes I have to stop and just pinch myself. Only 37 days - 5 weeks to go.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bowling for the Brain Injury Association of Arizona

Joshua and I headed down to Tucson yesterday to bowl with his family in an event for the Brain Injury Association of Arizona. I forgot how fun it is bowl. It is even better with good company. Josh's family's team raised $400 for the event. I am sorry that we didn't participate in the fundraising more. We just sort of have our hands full, but we were glad to lend our support through our presence.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ripe Pomegranates in Phoenix, Arizona

Remember when our pomegranates looked like this (in March)?

Then (in April), they bloomed.

And (in July), they started to look like fruit.

Now, I've been steadily opening up one every few days to see if they've turned red inside. We are so close to having ripe fruit now (in September).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love my Mom

I love my Mom for many reasons. But, right now, I especially love her for helping paint our bathrooms. The past few weekends we've worked on them: stripped, painted and lined the cabinets, picked out new hardware, removed old hardware, patched holes, sanded the walls, etc.  So when she offered to help with a project around the house, we were so grateful that she agreed to do the painting. Now we'll just have to replace the toilets, hang our new hardware, and touch up the floors. Woo-hoo! So close to being done with 2 more rooms! Thanks Mom!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Bridal Shower

I feel so loved today. We had a brunch at the Morning Glory Cafe. It was so nice to see some of my favorite ladies gathered around one table. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Finalized Book Cover

I am so excited to share the finalized book cover. Our book is set to come out in very early Spring 2012! I chose to author this book under my new name, Sara Oehler. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

R.I.P. Sparks

Sparks stood out, even in a pack of 5 dogs. Perhaps it was his persistent barking, his size (he was huge) or that he had one brown eye and one blue eye. He was hard to miss and even harder to ignore and I have a feeling that he won't be forgotten.

Monday, September 12, 2011

In sickness and in health

As most of you know, life has been rather complicated over this last year. We've almost been in our home for exactly a year, but parts of it are still under construction. We're planning our wedding. I wrote a book. We've had 4 deaths in our combined families. I'm back in school. Josh had pneumonia. I could go on..and on...and on...and on...

About a month ago, when we were working on our office walls, Josh realized that he may have a hernia above his belly button. It was inflamed. His self diagnosis turned out to be correct and we scheduled his surgery for today. Most importantly, it is over and he seems to be doing rather well, just sleepy. 

So needless to say, some of our home projects that we had hoped to complete before the wedding may not get done. Josh needs to take it easy for 4-6 weeks, which pretty much lands us right at our wedding date. It's not ideal, but it will be okay. We'll just do our best and see what happens. Only 53 days to go!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vacation Highlights

Josh and I are back from our Southern California vacation. It was a whirlwind of fun and some much needed relaxation.

We flew into Burbank, California. In order to avoid traffic, we to explored Burbank a little and then ended up getting a bite to eat at Moore's Delicatessen

We were directed to sit in the back room because Cartoon Network is around the corner and the animators have been drawing on the walls.

The following night we attended the wedding reception for my cousin Denae and her new husband Joel. She was radiant and fun was had by all. 

I've never been to Disneyland. I've always wanted to go and we happened to have a free day between the wedding and the beach, so we took advantage to visit the happiest place on Earth. It was fun!

R2-D2 as Mickey Mouse

Star Tours was probably our favorite ride. It was really neat. It was recently updated and reopened in June. It was really fun! 

The next day we headed to Carpinteria Beach. It was the exact opposite vibe of Disneyland. Time to relax. We visited family in Montecito and just generally slowed down a bit.

Last but not least, we stopped by the original Bob's Big Boy in Burbank on our way back to the airport. It was an excellent vacation!

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