Friday, June 3, 2011

Roof rat solutions in Arcadia.

It breaks my heart to report that we are cutting down one of the grapefruit trees. After much contemplation, we just don't really see any way around it. It is butting up right next to the house. It is gigantic and therefore nearly impossible to get fruit from and it doesn't provide any necessary shade to our yard. Also, it is encroaching on our power lines. We DO have 4 other grapefruit trees. Nevertheless, it is so hard to cut down a big, beautiful tree. After the recent rat scare, we have decided that it is a necessity to get the trees away from our roof.

Thankfully, we feel like we can just get the other tree trimmed off of the roof and it actually might make the tree look more even. For some reason the tree has been growing unevenly toward the house. I was really happy to come to this conclusion because this tree does offer wonderful shade to our east side yard. And I really don't like cutting down trees.

My hero.

We are also having all of our trees completely gleaned of fruit and trimmed. Hopefully this will make our yard less appealing to the rat population. Joshua bought steel mesh that he has been adding over the water vents on the roof. Why aren't those covered? It seems to me as if that should be standard thing to do, especially in a neighborhood that has roof rats. 

I am certain that I am making it sound as if my neighborhood is overrun by these pests. That isn't the truth. We've only had one issue with them in the 8 months that we have lived here. We are just working toward not ever having an issue with them again. 

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