Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Hardworking Man

Although he came in for a short nap (as seen above), Josh worked outside pretty much all day long today. His commitment to making our yard nice amazes me. Even at 111 degrees, he was still out there plugging away.

He aerated our lawn this morning using the great big machine shown above. Are you familiar with aeration? I wasn't. Basically, this machine poked holes in the yard. This way we can water more deeply. Personally, I think that Josh enjoys renting all of these fancy machines that are so big that they are nearly impossible for us to lift in and out of his truck. I do have to say, the grass is already looking better under his care.

Then, he tilled the dirt in the front flower beds and went to work at planting some new foliage. Yay! It looks so NICE! Our house faces north, so it doesn't get as much sun as the back flower beds. We chose plants that would do better in the shade. They flank our gardenia.

I'm not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate that I am weighed down in history homework. At 111 degrees, I was happy to stay inside. But, I really love to be outside helping Josh. We have so much fun working on the yard together. At least I got to go with to Baker's Nursery yesterday to pick out the plants. This coming week is my last week of Early American History. It has been a killer course. It is a full term course squeezed into less than 5 weeks. Just this week, I have a quiz, a discussion question, two 3-page papers (three, if I want extra credit), and a final exam. The midterm took me 5 hours. The final exam looks as if it is fairly similar in style. OH, and I had to read 6 or 7 long chapters in my history book as well as an entire book on Nat Turner. EEK! I can't wait for it to be over! 

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