Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purple blooms

Josh's mom arrived today with her dog Luke. As I was helping her move him into our back yard, I noticed that one of our fence line plants had bloomed over night. It is full of huge purple blooms that smell really good!

Right around sunset, there were tons of big, huge bees floating around from bloom to bloom. I LOVE our new yard. It is full of so many lovely surprises.

We walked over and had dinner at a neighborhood haunt, Tee Pee. It has been around since the 60's. 

Luke is one of seven dogs on the ranch. At 2.5, he is one big gigantic puppy. I really do mean...gigantic. He's huge. He thoroughly enjoyed some extra attention from Josh. 


  1. Oh we've been to Tee Pee, used a groupon recently. It was good but the kids were disappointed there is no dessert available. That is their favorite part of going out to eat of course!

  2. I'm pretty certain that Joshua mentioned that there was no dessert. That is his favorite part of eating dinner too. We stopped and got frozen yogurt for dessert on our way home.



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