Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pet Adopt-a-thon

Josh and I took Honey to a Pet Adopt-a-thon today at the Franciscan Renewal Center. We've been throwing around the idea of getting another dog. Finding the right partner dog for Honey is tricky though. Being that she is a rescue dog, she needs a lot of love and affection. She becomes jealous quickly when there is another dog in the picture. Thankfully, she doesn't react aggressively, she just gets really clingy and needy. She seems to do best with little dogs, where she feels as if she is in charge, or with dogs that are mild mannered and shy. We did come across a wonderful little guy today, Pele. He was totally mellow. He was really sweet, but we are still unsure about whether adding an additional dog to the mix is the best idea. He was a little black dog that was around 5 years old. He had been abandoned twice. He was black and looked like a permanent puppy. So sweet and cute!

All in all, we enjoyed the beautiful day outside. The Franciscan Renewal Center is such a nice place to visit.


  1. Speaking from experience, Two is awesome! Both of our dogs are rescue dogs... Brandi was mine, Cody was Chris' (along with 2 others that have since passed on)... when we got together the dogs actually hit it off immediately.

    With the right introduction and time for adjustment having a K-9 buddy will be great for both dogs. It'll just take patience on your part to introduce the pups and play with them together so neither will develop any jealousy.

    Two is optimal! The ultimate buddy system! The only other suggestion is if Honey is a Female, get a male... that also alleviates any dominance issues. :o) Good luck! Keep us posted!

  2. Dawn, thanks for the advice. We will continue to talk through it. We have such a huge back yard now and so much love to give. It seems almost selfish to not adopt a little homeless, furry friend. But, life is fairly complicated right now with home renovations, wedding plans, work, school, etc. A new member of the family would definitely require some time and energy. We shall see!

  3. We loved two dogs also, male and female worked out for us too. only issue is findings care for 2 dogs instead of 1 when you travel together but, that isn't something you guys do too often so, it shouldn't be a big deal. love that honey went with you!



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