Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Over Easy - Breakfast in Phoenix

I've been meaning to write about Over Easy on our blog for some time. We have fallen in love with Over Easy! It is right around the corner from our home (walking distance) and it has been a wonderful spot to get a great breakfast with family or friends at an affordable price. Great food! Great service! Great restaurant! 

In a strange twist of events, both of my co-workers and friends Jenny (from Albuquerque) and Jamie (from Colorado) happened to be in town at the same time this morning. So Kristen (a co-worker and friend who lives here) and I made the best of the fortunate opportunity to pay a visit to Over Easy for an early morning breakfast.

I highly suggested the chilaquiles and every last one of us ordered the same thing, "4 plates of chilaquiles please!" I have to say - it got pretty quiet once the food arrived, which I think is a good sign that there were a lot of happy ladies at the table. I've had lots of different dishes at Over Easy and thus far, everything has been wonderful.

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