Friday, March 18, 2011

Bodyworlds at the Arizona Science Center amongst other news

Josh and I took his Mom to Bodyworlds tonight. It is such an interesting exhibit. The human body is fascinating and beautiful. It is neat to see how everything (veins, muscles, organs, bones, ligaments, etc) all work together.

We also visited with a master gardener at the UofA Cooperative Extension. Joshua brought a few cuttings of items from around our yard. The purple flowers are wisteria. We have two types of Arizona Sweet Oranges. Did you know that there are several varieties? Our 4 trees on the west side of the house are different from the short tree on the east side. One big difference is the number of seeds. The tree on the east end has far less seeds and is the most similar to a naval orange. It was pretty neat to learn more about the plants in our yard.

Josh's Dad gave us a really neat herb cart for Christmas. I finally planted some herbs. I have two marjorams and a parsley that my cousin Loretta left me at Christmas time. Then, I picked up two basil and one green sage at a plant nursery with Josh's Mom Jeanne. The large pots in front are really exciting. Those are strawberries. I remember always being so excited about my Grandma's strawberry patch when I was little, but I've never grown my own strawberries. I plan to grow the plant into the pot next to it.

Honey has been enjoying having Luke visit. She is getting really good at dodging out of his way when he comes barreling through the patio. Josh commented yesterday that she sort of looks like a little princess next to him, I have to say that I heartily agree. Honey looks extremely delicate next to Luke. However, she has been holding her own. She gets sassy if she thinks he is out of line, a girl after my own heart. :)

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