Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wide Open Spaces - Winter Photos of Southern Arizona

Joshua and I made a quick weekend trip down to Cochise to spend time with his family. His Mom's birthday is coming up, so it was a good opportunity to see each other, celebrate and get some fresh air. It was perfectly cold. Not so cold that I couldn't enjoy being outside, but cold enough that it felt special and different from Phoenix. It snowed last night, so we woke up to a lightly dusted winter wonderland. I took advantage of the free time to play around with some settings on my camera. I really needed a day like today.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time for tranquility - yoga!

In an attempt to feel healthier, I am trying an unlimited monthly pass at a yoga studio called Second Heart Yoga. It is just a few blocks away from our new home, here in Phoenix. I've been to this studio before but under different ownership. I have no idea why I stopped going to yoga regularly, but I remembered tonight how great it feels. It is almost like getting a professional massage. Being that this is a particularly stressful time, I think a daily dose of yoga will do me good. Yoga has so many lovely benefits, including better: flexibility, strength, posture, endurance, concentration and mood. It is even associated with lowering your cholesterol. So, Arizona friends, if you would like to join me, it is only $15 per class for a walk-in. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Amy Butler Fabrics

I am obsessed with Amy Butler fabrics. Erin and I stopped into a local fabric store today called the Bernina Connection in order to specifically look at her latest fabric options. I plan to use some of her fabric in my wedding decor. The store is about 2 blocks from my house but I had never stopped in before. We left the store so excited and inspired. I think I'm going to take a basic sewing course next Summer when I have more free time. I'm sad that I've barely gotten to use my sewing machine, but I keep reminding myself that we've been incredibly busy this past year.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wonderful Valentine's Day

We had such a nice Valentine's Day. I made Josh's favorite dinner: steak, potatoes and bread (with the addition of brussel sprouts for just me) and set everything up on our back patio.

He baked us valentine cookies for dessert.

He bought me two bottles of very fancy shower gel. He wasn't sure which I'd like more, so he chose 2 to test. One is from France and one is from Italy. Indulgence!

He got a new shirt and tie. I am in love with the color. I especially love the teal in the tie.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Wedding Literature

I have been somewhat disappointed in most bridal magazines, shows and what not because they only offer traditional, cookie cutter ideas and options. I was very pleased to find that Handmade Weddings (hardback book) offered such nice diy ideas for our upcoming wedding. I adored the differing themes that were offered, such as "girly romantic", "modern classic", etc. The projects were fresh and in some cases very applicable to our wedding.

Shortly after getting engaged I was gifted 2 books by Khris Cochran, The DIY Bride and The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown. Each book contains “40 fun projects for your ultimate one-of-a-kind wedding.” From save-the-dates, invitations and thank you notes to jewelry, accessories and wedding favors, there are so many neat details that you can create yourself to make a wedding really special. I am a firm believer that events, celebrations and holidays are not just about the actual day. All the days that lead up to the event are meaningful and important too. The planning and creating part is my favorite! These books were plum full of fabulous ideas.

I've found that there are 3 magazines that seemed to offer the most helpful wedding advice and inspire me to think creatively about our big day. The first and best magazine that I've come across so far is Real Simple Weddings.  Both Josh and I enjoy Real Simple and I was thrilled to see that with my purchase of their wedding title, we also received a year subscription to Real Simple. Great deal and it came along at just the perfect time because our current subscription was ending. When I got the magazine home, I quickly realized that it was the most helpful magazine that I had purchased thus far. The next two are tied for second and third best, Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot.  Both have offered wonderful and unique content. 

Do you have any suggestions for wedding reads that I should not miss? 

Friday, February 11, 2011


"That is what happens when you are in love. When you just want to say the person's name as many times as you can." -Oprah

Joshua, Joshua, Joshua....

This quote resonated with me today because I am definitely in the stage of life where I just want to shout Joshua's name from the roof tops - I am SO in love.  I don't see people all that much, being that I work at home. I don't think that I realized just how smitten I am, until I was away for 10 days with co-workers and long time friends. I found myself gushing with happiness over my ring, wedding details, invites, my groom, etc. I guess that I really hadn't gotten to do that yet or had only done it in a very limited fashion. I wrote him postcards and cards most every day that I was gone. I think it was a good reminder of how important it is to express my love to him. It was so nice to hear from friends, co-workers and work associates that they were happy to see me SO happy. I am! I really am happy. I love my valentine, Joshua.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding beads

I was very excited to pick up some possible wedding beads in Tucson this year. It was fun but strange to think about what I might like to wear on my wedding day. It is even stranger to think that our wedding day is less than 9 months away. I chose some pearls, some clear crystal and some chain from my friends at Atlantic Gems. That should be a good starting point. I also picked up a few clasps from Green Girl Studios that might be a good match for the big day too. I want to make something that I can enjoy wearing long after our wedding day, so I don't want it to be too over the top.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


It is pretty hard to be away from home for 10 days. I so miss Josh and Honey.

9 months and counting until our wedding.
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