Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow Days

Our family.

Our Christmas present from Josh's dad. It is an entryway table. He just needs to add the wood planks. He even added some personal touches for us. 

The above photo shows a project that Josh's dad added at the ranch since the last time I was there. Isn't it beautiful?

 Honey with her new boyfriend Kodi. They enjoyed walking at the same pace as Sonny scouted ahead of us on a long walk. 

 8 dogs is a lot of dogs. I think Honey thought she was just at really, really, really cool dog park.

Kodi fetches snowballs and then eats them. 

Meredith winding up to pelt Jody with a series of snowballs. 



Luke loves a good game of tug-a-war. He thought Meredith's glove was a perfect opportunity to play. Good thing she is such a good sport. It took several people to get that glove out of his mouth.

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