Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ready, set, go!

The pile of packages under the tree continues to grow, and I think we are feeling very ready for the actual holiday to be here and also fortunate to love and be loved by so many. I'm officially done shopping and wrapping.

We had our first set of holiday guests on Monday night, Josh's brother Jody and Jody's girlfriend Meredith. They live in Tucson but had purchased airline tickets to fly out of Sky Harbor in Phoenix to visit Meredith's family on the east coast. So they stayed the night with us and left their car here for safe keeping. I dropped them off at the airport on Tuesday morning, but not before an early morning trip to Over Easy. When Josh's cousin came over the weekend before, he had brought a box of old family photos and mementos. The four of us sifted through the box again. Most of the pictures were from the early 1900's - 1950's. Some of the pictures are just priceless. We really enjoyed the ones of Josh and Jody's dad when he was little.

My Mom arrives tomorrow night from Montana. My cousin Loretta gets in the following night (Christmas Even) from New York. It will be nice to stick around the house, cook, play games, and enjoy good company. We have many wonderful blessings to celebrate this year, from our new home to our engagement, Josh and I both feel grateful and excited for the future.

Josh and I both sent a few messages today using a feature from Google Voice called Send a Call From Santa. It is sort of like mad libs. They have a preset list of words that you can choose from to insert into different parts of the message that Santa speaks to your family member or friend. We thought it was pretty entertaining.


  1. I finally became a follower! Sorry it took me so long! Cute blog, and beautiful tree! Merry Christmas, sweet girl!

  2. Noey, I'm so glad. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Can Arthur follow along too? I'm sure that he and Honey would get along quite well. :)



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