Saturday, December 18, 2010

One week until Christmas...

What have I been doing? Baking lots and lots of cookies. I have baked so many cookies and still have to make Josh's family's favorite, the pepparkakors. I've also been hand-making a lot of presents for my family. My little packages are so cute this year that I'm using them as Christmas tree ornaments.

We've also been trying to spend time with family and friends. Tis' the season.

Last night, Josh's cousin came over. I made steak and potatoes, Josh's favorite dinner. It might be Robert's favorite too as he loved my mashed potatoes. After dinner, we looked through a bunch of old family pictures and shared stories. It is always neat to hear more about the Oehlers because in a little under a year, I am going to be an Oehler too. The family history is now going to be my family history. I know that it is more and more common for women to not change their name when they marry. But, I personally can't imagine not sharing my last name with my family. I can't wait to be "The Oehlers" or the "The Oehler Family".

Speaking of families. This morning, we got a visit from The Fagan Family.  The boys were just in time to jump into my final pile of leaves that I had just raked up in our side yard. Little Hudson looked like he was in heaven. He was stomping. He was jumping. He was picking up small piles and throwing them in the air or running through the yard and letting them float behind him. It was so stinkin' cute. Ethan found a branch on the tree and kept sling shotting himself around the trunk.

It was so nice to see them enjoy our yard. It really is a yard that is just meant for little ones. There are so much room to run and play. Kristen took home some oranges, although we both questioned whether they are quite ripe enough to eat. I'm still trying to figure out our fruit tree cycle. Best of all, Kristen gave us a beautiful handmade ornament. I love it, pun intended. 

Tonight we went to dinner at my uncles' house for their annual holiday get-together. It was tasty, per usual. My uncle Hal is an amazing cook. His pot roast was perfectly cooked. Josh and I both ate way too much. 

Now, I'm just counting down the days until my Mom is here. She arrives Thursday evening. I think it is going to be a very nice Christmas. 


  1. aww the pictures of your backyard are very cute! thanks for having us over and for the lovely book and oh so yummy cookies!

  2. The pictures of my backyard a very cute because your very cute kids are in them. I so want to write a children's book about a child living in Phoenix who is totally and utterly deprived of fall leaves until he stumbles upon a pile at a friend's house. Wouldn't Hudson make the cutest little book character. :)



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