Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Locked out again...

Josh's Mom and Grandma

I've locked myself out of this house twice now in the past two weeks. I seriously need to hide a key somewhere outside. This time was a little more precarious. Let me preface my story by saying that Josh's Grandma just had surgery on her knee and she is 90 years old. Yesterday, she came over in the late afternoon because her bathroom is being remodeled and she needed a place to rest and relax. I got her settled on the couch to watch tv and then decided to set a cookie baking station on the table so that I could chat with her and bake cookies at the same time. I love holiday mail. So as soon as the mailman comes, I immediately head on out to the mailbox (any other time of year, I practically avoid picking up the mail). I got outside so quickly this time that the mailman was still in the front yard. Again, Honey put up her best imitation of a guard dog, barking like a wild animal. So what did I do, I gently nudged her back and closed the door. And again, the door locked behind me. AGAIN! This time I was locked all the way outside of the security gate so I couldn't even knock on the window to get Evelyn's attention. I spent the next 10 minutes doing my very best to get a 90 year old woman, who is pretty hard of hearing, to hear me. Thankfully, after throwing every piece of mail, a few rocks and some candles that I found on the ledge from Halloween at the window, I finally got her attention. She was my savior. I was even in time to get my cookies out of the oven before they burned. I felt terrible making her get up and walk. In hind sight, I must have looked and sounded pretty funny to my neighbors. I was yelling her name at the top of my lungs and jumping up and down for close to 10 minutes while staring into my own home. Such is life...

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