Thursday, December 23, 2010

Josh's Great Aunt Dorothy

Earlier this week Josh's great aunt Dorothy passed away. It was a little bit of a shock to us since she was so much younger than his grandpa, who also just passed. He asked me to write up a few words on our blog to pay tribute.

One thing that I really love about Josh (one of many) is his love of family. A few years ago when we were first dating, we went to Southern California to see my cousin graduate from high school. He mentioned that he had a great aunt and uncle up north in Montecito, CA. My cousin Loretta, Josh and I decided to take a day trip up to see them. It was one of those magical afternoons when everything just seems perfect. Do you know what I mean? It almost felt as if the birds were singing just a little louder and the sky was just a little extra blue. Everything was right in the world. We sat out on their back patio and had such a nice conversation. The kind of conversation that is so interesting that you don't want it to end. I remember that they served us crackers with smoked salmon and cream cheese - it was delectable. His great uncle opened a wonderful bottle of red wine. At that time, aunt Dorothy wasn't doing much walking and uncle John didn't have a good memory, but I remember enjoying how they worked together. He was bustling around doing everything with her constantly reminding him what it was that he was doing when he would lose track. It was sweet. I could tell that they loved each other and not out of sheer obligation - but real, true love. As we left, my cousin Loretta remarked that she had the best time. Josh and I did too. It was one of those days that I never want to forget.

I haven't gotten a chance to talk very much about my engagement ring yet. I've been waiting to have the real thing on my finger first. But I would be remiss to not mention it now. Josh gave me his great-grandmother Hilma Lenberg's solitaire setting. Hilma was Dorothy's mother. The diamond was taken out of the ring long before I received it. Upon hearing this, aunt Dorothy offered to send us a diamond that she had. Well the diamond that she sent was about 4 times too big for the ring setting. So we were left with a dilemma of sorts. After careful consideration and a meeting with a jeweler, we decided to put a different diamond in the engagement ring and I'll just wear that up until the wedding. I will use great aunt Dorothy's diamond in my wedding ring. The jeweler warned me that since the engagement ring is so old (I am going to guess it is between 90-100 years old), it would break down in less than 10 years if I wore it on a daily basis and that was with some very regular maintenance. I'd like to be able to pass the ring down even further, so it actually is perfect for me to have a separate ring for day-to-day wear. I will be so proud to wear Aunt Dorothy's diamond in my wedding ring. Josh dropped the engagement ring off at the jewelers last weekend. So we should have that back right around the new year. I'll post pictures then. It is beautiful. It is not at all what I pictured, but once I saw it, I knew it was perfect.

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