Sunday, December 5, 2010

Full of energy - house update

I was really energetic this weekend. I think that I'm finally feeling like myself again. The hard work before, during and after the move was really exhausting. It definitely took its toll on me. But, I feel back on track. It is really easy to get overwhelmed when there is so much to do. I'm just set one foot down right after another. In other words, focus on the project at hand, don't focus on the next 10 projects after that.


One really GREAT change is that we got our kitchen leak fixed. They didn't have to take out the cabinets, he just cut right through the back. Whew...that had me very worried. It doesn't look too bad and Joshua can definitely fix it eventually to look almost like new.

I finished tearing out the liner in the remaining cabinets. I would estimate that the last cabinet took me longer than all of the others put together. It was terrible. They had put liner on top of liner. It took a lot of grit and determination to get it out of there. Also, it is one of those cabinets that goes all the way back to the wall but you really can't access the back half of it. I was contorted and twisted into all sorts of crazy positions to get into the back end of the cabinet. Thankfully, that's done now. And I was finally able to unpack some more boxes. The kitchen is officially ready for its paint job. I'm not sure that I'll get to that until the new year.

In other kitchen news, we picked up our dishwasher. Josh also purchased a garbage disposer (not a misspelling - apparently that is what they are called, not "disposals") as it would be easiest to do both at once. Again, neither project can really get underway until the new year, but at least the parts are all here so that he can tear into it when he's ready. After washing dishes by hand regularly for the past few months, I am pretty happy and excited about the new dishwasher.

I made some headway in the spare bedroom as well. You can see the floor again. So that is an improvement. More importantly, I set up my bead table. I can't tell you how important that is over the holiday season. It was  very nice to see my beads again. I set it up so that it is right in front of the window so that I can open up the drapes and have real light during the day or pause and look at our lovely rose bushes. It definitely feels more guest friendly in there now, even if it is our catch-all.

And, a few photos of our storage room. This was one of my projects from last weekend. I moved all of the tools and what nots into this area so that we could use it as our project headquarters. Perhaps it is the de-cluttering that is finally bringing me new energy. It feels really nice to be able to put things away.

What I'm not showing you is our main bathroom. It had to get worse before it could get better. Joshua yanked out some original hooks for towel racks and being that we have plaster walls, it is not pretty in there. We also removed the doors and bought new hardware. So now, we just need to clean up the cabinets and give them a good paint job. All in due time.....

And finally, I cannot have all work and no play on the weekend. I took a good friend to breakfast to make up for missing her baby shower. It was the same day as Josh's Grandpa's service. Jenn is due on December 22nd (I think), but she is ready to go any time now. She looks gorgeous and healthy. I gave her a beautifully made bib and blanket that I purchased from Baby Mae Boutique on etsy. I also found time to take Honey to the dog park on Saturday and we both (Honey and I) went for a nice long with Joshua tonight to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood.

That's a lot of energy, right?! It feels so good to be getting back to normal. Yay!

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