Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

I wish that I could say that today was merry, but that simply is not the case. Josh's grandma died yesterday. His grandpa passed away last month, his great aunt a few days ago and it has all just been too much. I really am not prepared to talk too much about it because Evelyn had a special place in my heart too. We've shed a lot of tears in the past two days. Having said that, we've both done our best to comfort ourselves with regular holiday traditions. Christmas was one of Evelyn's favorite times of year. I think she'd want us to still do our best to enjoy the time with family.

Josh with my mom in downtown Phoenix yesterday (Christmas Eve) afternoon.

A somewhat traditional Oehler breakfast. Not as good as Jeanne and John's but certainly an alright imitation.

Some of my presents.

Some of Josh's presents.


Holiday slippers.

Dinner. My mom (left), my aunt (right).


Scrabble. My cousin Loretta (left), my mom (right).

Scrabble. My aunt.

Loretta working on my present to my grandma.


  1. That's terrible news and such awful timing. :( My heart aches for you and Josh. Here's hoping 2011 brings the two of you much love and never-ending happiness!

  2. I know. It was terrible news. We are both feeling pretty heart broken. This year has been one of those roller coaster years when you just do not know what might happen next, really good one minute and then really bad the next. I am hoping for some smooth sailing in 2011.

  3. Oh, Sara, I'm so sorry. May the New Year bring a new beginning for you guys. Love.

  4. Thanks Noel - I think this next year is going to be a good one.



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