Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Amazon for a wedding registry?

Joshua and I are both huge fans of technology and even bigger fans of convenience. We are regular users of amazon.com. In fact, we have a prime membership that allows us to get just about anything shipped to us for free. We both have wish lists, which make is easy to share gift ideas with each other and our families: Sara's wish list and Joshua's wish list. I love amazon for holiday time because I rarely have to go to the post office to ship anything. I can pick out my present, have it wrapped and ship right to the recipient. Joshua often finds deals on amazon that you just can't find anywhere else.

So recently, we noticed that you can do a wedding registry on amazon. I've never gone to a wedding where the bride and groom registered on amazon. I think that most of our guests have access to the internet but I'm not certain that all of them are as comfortable buying online as we are. So I wonder if what seems very convenient to us may not be so convenient for our guests. I also noticed a service called gift registry 360, which seems to allow you to register at several well-known and accessible stores at once.  I still cannot figure out if the gift registry is available in the stores or if it would only be available online. So I am left wondering, should we stick with the old-fashioned tradition of actually going to a store or selection of stores or should we try the online version? Any thoughts?


  1. my thoughts...having just gone through the process...definitely go to the stores. you get to touch things...see the real colors...look at the quality of products. i love internet shopping too but the process of registering is a right of passage for an engaged couple. make it fun for the guy though :) give him the gun and let him have some time to pick out some guy(ish) stuff. make plans for a meal at his favorite restaurant for afterwards...it will make the whole process more bearable for the guy...or for yourself :) you go in person, but everyone can go online to purchase and ship your items...at least you can really know what you are getting. love, jaime

  2. Take a look at our site: http://www.registrystop.com

    We're similar in ways to gift registry 360, but keep in sync with both online and in store registries. We also highlight the best prices to your guest, so if like yourself your guests like to shop at Amazon they can easily purchase there, and it will still be marked off your traditional Macy's registry.

    If you want a little more information, check out this write-up on us by another blogger:

  3. Jaime, those are all really good points. It is nice to see things in person. Maybe we can do a hybrid version that allows us to go into the store as well as register online.

    I'll definitely take a look at registry stop.

  4. Megan's thoughts on facebook - "I say go for it...most people access the registries online anyway...you'll be missing out on the gun, but it is overrated :)"

  5. Amazon would be good for me since we're in Tokyo and I'm not sure if we can make it out there. Even if we did get out there, I don't know if we would have the time to go shopping and get the gift wrapped in time for the wedding. Anyways, let me know if you decide to do an online registry.



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