Saturday, November 27, 2010

A new dishwasher!

Joshua and I toyed around with the idea of a dishwasher for Christmas instead of traditional gifts to each other. So, he started researching options. After figuring out which model would work best for us in our price range, he realized that Sears had it on sale for more than 1/2 off, ending tomorrow. So we decided to go for it. Unfortunately, our current kitchen configuration does not have a slot for a dishwasher. Sooooooo, it might still be awhile before we actually get it into the kitchen. I'm a little nervous about the change but Joshua seems quite confident that we can do it.

In other news, we have a leak in our kitchen. After we finally got the drain unclogged, we discovered that something is leaking. When I do dishes, water puddles at the edge of the cabinet. So, I have to look over our warranty and insurance paper work to see what I am supposed to do about it. Josh mentioned a few times that they may have to tear out the cabinets to get to it. This just totally freaks me out, so I have been trying to not think about it too much. I finally got the kitchen reasonably set up. I can't help but feel as if every time we move a step forward, we are forced 3 steps backward.

After my morning compost endeavor, we decided that it was a great day to go the dump and get rid of all of that yucky wood paneling, old molding, drapes, etc that have been sitting piled in our garage. It felt quite freeing to get that stuff out the way. I think that we probably need one more trip out to the dump and then we can dispose of everything else in our regular garbage and recycling bins.

I'm so thankful for 4 day weekends. It is so nice to have the extra time to not only rest but also to work on our home. Tomorrow, I hope to clean out the storage room so that the office can be worked on again. Right now, it is sort of a catch all for tools and supplies. Once we get everything out of there Josh can get back to scraping and fixing the walls. The yard and plants could use some TLC too. We don't have Winter grass, thankfully. So keeping up with the yard over the Winter months should be fairly easy.

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