Monday, November 8, 2010

Life picks back up

Due to Grandpa Wally's passing and services, we had a string of unexpected house guests. I love having a full house - the more the merrier. Josh's parents have non-stop energy. They helped us to accomplish two big tasks during their visit. Josh and John attached a longer electrical cord to our drier so it doesn't have to sit on stilts. Then, they worked to unclog the kitchen sink. The sink wasn't just a little clogged, it was REALLY clogged. Josh had to rent a special tool from A to Z Equipment Rentals. It was a big and somewhat messy project, and I was very proud of him when the water easily drained out of the sink. After the sink was unclogged, I decided that I could finally scrub, line the cabinets and unpack the majority of our dishes. I only have 2 cabinets left. Did you know that 1 part vinegar + 1 part water = a magic elixir for ridding your cabinets of really old contact paper? It also smells terrible when you are up close and personal. But, the smell dissipated rather quickly once wiped up. I think that the new liner looks and feels so much better. It really helped to have our dishes unpacked for family meals all week long. Although our home really wasn't prepared for guests, everyone was very understanding. Having family visit and making memories is what truly turns a house into a home. It was a bummer that I had to fight off a cold/allergies at the tail end of the week...everyone seemed to be sick at some point or another. But, we all made the best of the situation.

In other news, Josh left bright and early (6am) Sunday morning for Washington D.C. He is attending a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Conference. It was hard to have him go so far away right after his Grandpa's funeral, but that is life. Yesterday, he visited the Ford's Theater. That was a big treat for him because he has been reading quite a bit about President Lincoln this year. Let's all hope that he's taking lots of fun pictures to share. He took the camera, so I assume that he's getting some good snap shots when he's not tied up in the conference. 

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