Saturday, November 27, 2010

Garden of Hope

I have been so busy with our new home that I haven't had a chance to volunteer in quite some time. I decided that I'd better get back into the swing of things by signing up for a few upcoming events on the calendar. I love the variety of work that the Phoenix Philanthropist Group offers. Today, I volunteered at the Garden of Hope. It is in South Phoenix, 18th St. and Broadway in a poor neighborhood. Tiger Mountain Foundation establishes and nurtures garden projects in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Basically, they turn sections of abandoned land into a garden where people - kids, adults and seniors, rich and poor, any ethnicity, any religion come together and work as a community to grow vegetation. They make their own compost, which is what I did today. They also teach the community about healthy eating, exercising and taking ownership of the neighborhood to make it a better place. Erin and I had a blast. Building compost was hard work but it was actually a lot of fun.


  1. I am so excited about helping out next month. It will be great to have Ethan with me to help out. I know nothing about gardening so getting comfortable in the dirt will be awesome too.

  2. I think you are going to love it. Most of the people there know very little about gardening. They are learning as they go as well. They have live music and lunch time cookout after.



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