Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neighbor saves the day and other news

We have been in our new home for exactly one week. We turned in our keys to our previous landlord yesterday and it felt so good to know that we only have one home to look after from now on. I can't say that I was all that productive this week in unpacking, but in my defense most rooms can't be unpacked and we still had quite a bit to do at the old place to make it presentable for the landlord. Being that I work all day, I only have a few hours to do projects in the evening. I did get our bedroom pretty well organized, so that I have a safe haven. A place to get away from all of the chaos in the rest of the house. The living room is sort of situated but could use some real organization. We have SO many books and not enough shelves to put them away. It just makes unpacking a little tricky. Josh hung our drapes in the living room and bedroom. Yay for privacy! He also primed the concrete floors to prepare them for their first coat of paint.

Yesterday we went to the Maricopa County Home Show as a treat. We both just needed an afternoon off. So we wandered and talked, visited Josh's uncle at Granite Transformations, picked up literature on a few things that interest us like insulation, windows, energy saving techniques, water purification, solar, gardening, etc. Although it was interesting, I think that we would have both enjoyed seeing more new, cutting edge technology. I can't see how it would be all that beneficial to go more than once except maybe to take advantage of show specials.

Late this afternoon I decided to tackle the yard. It has been very difficult to keep up with the yard since we've been so busy packing and moving. It was worse that I had anticipated. Our poor little push mower just would not cut it (pun intended). After about an hour of sheer frustration, I had two strokes of luck. The neighbor felt so bad for me that he came over and offered me his gas mower, which almost made me cry tears of gratitude. And, Josh finished priming the floors and came out to help. With the gas mower and Josh's help, we were able to mow the entire yard. All that is left is to pick up the piles of grass that I raked. Whew.

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