Sunday, October 17, 2010

I do!

I just love weddings, I do! Jaime and Mark's wedding was very special since I've known and loved Jaime and her entire family for so long. Sedona was the perfect background to what is sure to be a long and wonderful marriage. I haven't been to Sedona in years. It was nice to get out of town, indulge in some fresh air and amazing scenery.

This year has been so busy, from house hunting to house buying to house painting to house moving......we have just been swamped with housework. It was excellent to see some close friends and catch up on their lives. I haven't even spent time with my best friend Erin (pictured above) because we've both been so busy.

Jaime was stunning. Her dress was just as she described it to me. It was dramatic with a big long train and detailed bead work. Her earrings were the perfect accessory to her gown. I was quite impressed.

I bawled like a big baby. I just love her so much. I'm really happy that she found such a patient and kind person to marry. Mark is a gem.

There were lots and lots of unique touches to the wedding. I love that. It is nice to enjoy unexpected surprises while still embracing common day tradition. Mark designed the cake. It was very tasty. 

 I love my friends. It was so, so, so nice to see them. Marietta was no exception. She is busily working on a degree and is often short on time to visit. So we quickly caught up.

Jaime's nephews were very amusing on the dance floor. They spent a few songs break dancing and it was so C-U-T-E that I could hardly stand it. 

Josh and I took our time this morning. We slept in. We stopped and got coffee and visited a bead shop in Sedona called Bead Heaven. I bought a strand of turquoise to make a piece of jewelry to commemorate our first trip to Sedona together. We took in some scenery and had brunch at a local bakery. Sometimes it is nice to not rush around or have anything in particular to accomplish.

All in all, it was just a very nice trip. Even though it was short, it was very sweet and well deserved after all of our hard work this past few months, we needed some rest and relaxation. 

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