Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We are having a wonderful weekend. Last night we enjoyed our first neighborhood party. There was tons of food, treats, drinks and good company. We met all sorts of neat neighbors. We spent a good deal of time talking to a couple who are original owners and have lived here for over 50 years. Erma is 95 and Art is 88. They were both sharp as a tack and quite entertaining. Erma invited herself to our wedding and I'll be glad to have her there. She is adorable. It seems as if the neighbors range in age, with us being on the youngest end of the home owners. Most folks have lived here for many years and just absolutely love it. Everyone is friendly.

Today, Erin came over. I had already picked out my pumpkin but she hadn't. So we headed down to the local grocery market to get her a pumpkin. There is not a pumpkin left in this neighborhood. So we picked up 2 pumpkin spice lattes and decided to just share my pumpkin. I cleaned it out, she carved a spider.

Then Josh and I took Honey to a "pet blessing" at the Franciscan Renewal Center. They have a huge event that showcases all of the avenues of pet adoption. There were a million different kinds of dogs, many looking for a good home.

Honey got blessed.

I really wish that we could adopt and add another doggy to our family, but I know that Honey is happiest as an only dog. She just has no interest in other dogs. She was miserable living with Cash and still this day howls when she sees him.

Now we are just waiting for trick-or-treaters and discussing what scary movie we might watch tonight. Josh really want to watch The Exorcist. I've been doing my best to talk him out of that. I need "moderate" scary not "I can't sleep for 3 days" scary.


  1. sounds like a nice holiday. the spider is really cool! i bet meeting your neighbors was interesting, so which movie did you end up watching?!

  2. We actually didn't get to watch a movie because we realized that Josh's parents were coming down the next morning. So I made a mad dash to clean up our house....well as clean as a half finished house can be. :)



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