Sunday, October 10, 2010

Appliances...the good, the bad and the ugly

It was another busy week in our new home. The main goal for this week was to get our washing machine and fridge into place in the kitchen. This meant at least 2 coats of paint on our concrete floors and 1 coat of paint on the walls that sit behind or to the side of each appliance.


It will be so nice to not have to go outside and into the garage just to get a cold beverage or snack. We made the best of it, but I think that we are both quite happy to have an indoor fridge now. Next, Josh will put a 3rd coat of paint on the floor and then I can paint the rest of the walls in the kitchen and laundry room.


We found that the washing machine is quite loud, but seems to do the job. It also overflows if we use it on the "super" sized cycle. Oh well, it was and affordable option to get us by. As with all older homes, there are all sorts of quirks that we found when installing our appliances. For instance, what appears to be the drain for the washing machine looks as if it has never been used and has cap on it that was impossible to remove. It appears as if the former owners decided to just drain the water into the mud room sink. Not our first choice, but it will work for now.


Also, the plug for the dryer is screwed into the wall just a little too high for us to plug our dryer into it. So Josh came up with a temporary solution of putting the dryer on brick legs to make it tall enough to reach. Although this is not a long term solution, it seems to work so far. I am a little fearful that this temporary solution is dangerous, but I'm at a loss at what else we can do, most laundry pedestals run between $200-$300, which is more than we paid for the used dryer. That just seems silly. Josh talked to his dad about building some sort of affordable solution.

To get the appliances in the back door, we had to take the back door off of its hinges, so I took that opportunity to paint it and all of the bathroom doors as well. Now, I've painted every door in our new home except the front door. It is amazing how much fresh paint can do for a room or a door. In some cases, it feels like night versus day, or more appropriately new versus old. 

Doesn't that just look fresh and clean? The laundry room is going to be a bright white, which I think makes it feel cheerful.

And finally, a project that was really easy that I've been wanting to get to since we had our ducts cleaned. I spray painted the old air vent covers bright white to match our trim. It is a little improvement, took almost no time or money, but will make a huge difference in each room. 

Tonight, we cooked our first homemade meal. Yes, it was pretty basic but was one of Josh's favorites, macaroni and beef which his family calls goulash. I think I'm really going to like our gas stove. I don't think I've ever had a gas stove before. I can't wait to get a grill/griddle for the middle burner. Don't let this fool you into thinking that we've unpacked the kitchen. Not yet! I still need to tear out the old contact paper and clean the cabinets before I'd ever dream of putting our dishes away. 

This week brings our first guest, Josh's Mom. She will be visiting for the Fall Plant Sale at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I organized our guest bedroom so that she can at least have a bed, but I made no promises for much more than that. Boxes, frames and beading supplies line every wall of the room. 

And next weekend, we'll finally take time off to go to Sedona to see one of my closest friends get married. I am so excited! It will be great to dress up and feel pretty. I have to admit, all of this work has left me looking and feeling pretty drab. I could really use an evening in high heels and sparkly jewelry. Of course, I love LOVE. So I'm always happy to attend a wedding. And this one is extra special because I've known the bride and her family for such a long time. 

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