Sunday, September 19, 2010

Phoenix Real Estate Agent Nancy Pilgrim is the BEST!

Do you know how you sometimes meet people in life and you just instantly love them. That is how it was when I met Nancy. She is a good friend's Mom and over the years has become my friend too. She is a special soul. Not only is she a fabulous glass bead maker, she was also our real estate agent. She was patient, thorough, honest and just plain wonderful. If you ever need a great real estate agent in the Phoenix area, please consider Nancy Pilgrim. I promise that you will thank me after you find your dream home with help from Nancy. :)

PS - (1 year later, 10/1/11), Nancy helped my Mom to find a lovely little townhouse in a great little complex near the Biltmore in Central Phoenix. Being that my Mom lives in Montana, it was quite complicated at times but Nancy made it seem easy-breezy. Honestly, if you need an excellent real estate agent, you must try Nancy Pilgrim!

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