Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Painting is no joke

master bedroom

Painting the interior of the house has been a mixture of fun, pain, sweat, tears, laughter and singing. It really is a huge undertaking.

Joshua starts off by painting the ceilings and patching/sanding the walls to remove major imperfections and then primes wherever needed.  

guest bedroom

I follow up with tape, two coats of paint on the walls and then bright white trim. I learned early on to put a lot of paint on the wall to get a good coat. I work myself around the room starting at the top and then rolling down to the trim in patches so that the paint can be as even as possible. It is tricky and strenuous work!

Honey assists by providing a distraction when a break is needed and constant entertainment. She is also always available to nap or be petted.

guest bedroom

Both our bedroom and the guest bedroom are now "sterling" and they look so much BETTER! But, we have so much left to do! We decided to not make the move until Sunday, Sept 26th. We just want to be able to get as much done before we move as possible. I'll definitely post "before" and "during" and "after" photos for each room as they are completed.

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