Thursday, September 2, 2010

New home = hard work

Preparation for painting.

Our paint colors are the two on the far left - bon voyage is the blue color and sterling is the gray color as well as frost white and cozy cottage which is sort of a cream. I can't wait to see the paint on the walls!

Someday this will be our office. All of the glue has to be scraped off of the walls and ceiling so that the walls can be skimmed with joint compound and then painted. Yuck!

Every counter is covered in tools, cleaning supplies, screws, nails, etc.

And this is what happens after a hard day of work. Honey and Josh napping. Aren't they cute!?

Our first official irrigation since we took ownership of the home happens tomorrow night at 1:45am.  Apparently the irrigation schedule is pretty random. We could be scheduled for any time of day.  I'm sure that this won't seem so harsh when we actually live in the house and can just roll out of bed and walk outside in our pj's. 

Most everything seems to be going along okay. It is a lot of work for just the two of us, but we just keep working away at it. We are both feeling more and more like this home is ours.

Oooh, one of the best things that we did for the house was having the ducts cleaned. If you live in Phoenix and move any time soon, I definitely recommend Arizona Air Duct Cleaning Co. They were really nice and did a fabulous job. It felt as if it instantly made a difference in the quality of air.

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