Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happily living in our new home

We are finally living in our new home. The kitchen, bathrooms and office are still under construction. So, we are definitely living out of boxes for the moment, but all of our stuff is here.....somewhere. The old place is completely clean. We hand the keys over on Saturday morning. We were so thankful to have help from friends for the move. Erin helped with a little packing. Jaime, Mark and Chris were saints on moving day. Everything went so quickly. Jaime and Mark are getting married in just a few short weeks, so it was really great of them to help when they already have their hands full. Chris is the father of beautiful, energetic twin boys. So it was very kind of him to take time away from his family to help. All in all, we did it. It was hot. It wasn't exactly pretty. But, we are finally here and it feels so good. Yay!

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