Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 weeks until the big move!

We only have 2 weeks left before we move and although things are coming along well, there is so much left to do. It gets very overwhelming when we stop and think about it all. Sometimes it is better to just focus on each task at hand. Here are some of our projects from this week.

Before - that big pink spot was a mirror that they painted around. I am pretty sure that every room in the house was some shade of pink at some point in time. I love pink, but not for my walls. No thanks!

The living room is now "bon voyage" and "cozy cottage" with a white "frost" trim and ceiling. Now, we just need to pull up the tape and touch up a few spots. Yay!

Joshua pulled up all of the linoleum in the kitchen, mud room and both bathrooms today. It was pretty disgusting and it had to go. The goal is to clean the floor really well and paint it until we can afford and have time to tile.

It is crazy right now and living between two houses makes me want to pull my hair out. But there are little moments each day that make me smile. The sunset tonight was amazing! I couldn't get any really good photos of it, but it got me outside and I snapped a few outdoor pictures of our house. It gave me a chance to feel really grateful for our new home. As much work as it might be, it is ours, and we are so very lucky to have it. 


  1. Congratulations again Sara. What a sweet home! All the work is worth it as you know. You guys are very lucky to to be living between two homes - where you can get in and do some dirty work before the move. Enjoy and document every step!

  2. Amazing how much you've gotten done in such a short amount of time. So happy for you!! :)

  3. Thanks Carla and Carla! It is nice that we have the space to make some changes before we move. I try to remember to be appreciative for this time. I just wish that we had a few more hands to help out. I agree, we do seem to be getting somewhere now. It is only a matter of time, energy and money. :)



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